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Looking for the Rehearsal Schedule?

Everything you need to know about IVE (but were afraid to ask)

2020 Edition

General Notes
If you know you'll need a little time away from our rehearsal schedule, please let Michael know as soon as possible.

The Dropbox link to our scores will be here, once we've got it.

Concert Order
We'll put that here once the repertoire is set.

Email Etiquette
Time and attention spans are scarce commodities. Wherever possible, direct your communication to the smallest group possible. (Don't make someone read an e-mail that doesn't concern them. Reply All is almost never the right choice.) Keep your e-mails concise and on-point. Please don't use the choir list for non-choir topics. In order to help with spam and forwarding filters, I recommend including "IVE" or "Isthmus Vocal" in the subject line. In cases where you need to contact the entire choir (need a ride, etc.) please don't Reply All to a previous email. Create a new email with an appropriate Subject line.

Concert Attire/Equipment
In general we want our concert attire to not call attention to ourselves. It should be about the concert, not us. Jewelry should be small and non-distracting. Everything you need to know was put together by Mihcal here


  • Because we have such a short rehearsal period, singers are expected to prepare in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal with a solid knowledge of their voice parts. Come prepared. The first two weeks of rehearsals will be held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall at Christ Presbyterian Church unless otherwise noted.

  • All rehearsal conflicts should have been cleared with Mike in advance. In the event that you have an unscheduled conflict, please:

    1. E-mail Mike asap
    2. If at all possible, do not inform Mike at the beginning of a rehearsal -- please wait till after the rehearsal.
    3. Check with a section member on what you missed, particularly markings.

IVE dues are mandatory and are $45. If this represents a hardship, please contact Mihcal McClelland (our treasurer) or another board member. A donation of $100 or more waives dues and can be claimed as a tax-deductible contribution. Dues are due by the second Saturday of rehearsal. The money is used to purchase and ship music, to support honoraria for the accompanist, artistic director and other musicians, and other operational costs. Please give your dues to Mihcal, or to any board member. Catherine Pippitt can take your dues via the Square reader, but cash & check are preferred.

Sunday Potluck
One evening “rehearsal” includes a potluck and socializing, along with a bit of singing. It starts at 6:15 and will be held at the Burrows Park shelter, 25 Burrows Rd, Madison. We'll post the date as we get that set

Annual IVE "Flotilla"
We have a fun outing every year. Friends and family welcome. Encouraged, even! It will likely be the best summer day you'll have all year.

Post Concert Reception
We'll have a post-concert party for musicians and their immediate partners (not the general public) immediately following our Sunday afternoon performance. We'll have the details set up in a bit. Check back.

Board Contacts
Contact any (or all) of us with questions or comments.
Susannah Brooks (secretary)
Jeannie Campbell
Jeffrey Harkins
Ann Kruska
Rob Littell
Mihcal McClelland (treasurer)
Michael McGaghie (Artistic Director)
Kathy Otterson (vice president)
Molly Petroff
Catherine (Cat) Pippitt
Jim (Jim) Pippitt (president)
Mark Werner