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2017 Edition

The Dropbox link to our scores is here. I was tempted to put this at the bottom of the page. At some point look over some of the rest of the items here, ok? Please?

Concert Order
Gaudete omnes – Sweelinck
Tenebrae factae sunt – Ingegneri
Tanzen und Springen – Hassler
Resveillez moy – Garnier
Crucifixus – Lotti
Spaseniye sodelal (Salvation is Created) – Chesnokov
Singet dem Herrn – JS Bach
When David Heard – Dinerstein
Éjszaka and Reggel – Ligeti
Americana: May Every Tongue, Sublime Process of Law Enforcement, Loveli-lines – Thompson
To His Music – Rindfleisch
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child – arr. Fountain
Ezekiel Saw de Wheel – arr. Dawson
Encore: Roll, Jordan, Roll – arr. Fountain

Rehearsal Tracks
For some of us (ok, me, Jim P.), rehearsal tracks are a godsend. Use 'em if you need 'em. Many thanks to Linda Palmer for creating them.

Email Etiquette
Time and attention spans are scarce commodities. Wherever possible, direct your communication to the smallest group possible. (Don't make someone read an e-mail that doesn't concern them. Reply All is almost never the right choice.) Keep your e-mails concise and on-point. Please don't use the choir list for non-choir topics. In order to help with spam and forwarding filters, I recommend including "IVE" or "Isthmus Vocal" in the subject line. In cases where you need to contact the entire choir (need a ride, etc.) please don't Reply All to a previous email. Create a new email with an appropriate Subject line.

Concert Attire/Equipment
In general we want our concert attire to not call attention to ourselves. It should be about the concert, not us. Jewelry should be small and non-distracting.

  • Men: Black jacket and pants, black shirt, black socks and shoes.
  • Women: Long black dress (ankle length or longer), skirt (ankle length or longer), or dress pants (no leggings or jeans), sleeves cap- to full- length (no bare shoulders); black shoes with closed toes.
  • Please refrain from the use of fragrances during rehearsals and concerts. (Deodorant is fine!)
  • Black Binder: All singers will use a black binder to hold their music (tablets have Scott's approval for 2017). Suggestion: add title/label tabs to your music for navigational ease in rehearsal. Many singers in the choir own these folders (not an endorsement, just a point of information).
  • Mihcal put together a great PDF with pictures & everything. (Ignore the scarves. Not wearing in 2017). Find it here.


  • Because we have such a short rehearsal period, singers are expected to prepare in advance and arrive at the first rehearsal with a solid knowledge of their voice parts. Come prepared. The first two weeks of rehearsals will be held downstairs in the Fellowship Hall at Christ Presbyterian Church unless otherwise noted.

  • All rehearsal conflicts should have been cleared with Scott in advance. In the event that you have an unscheduled conflict, please:

    1. E-mail Scott
    2. If at all possible, do not inform Scott at the beginning of a rehearsal -- please wait till after the rehearsal.
    3. Check with a section member on what you missed, particularly markings.

IVE dues are mandatory and are $40. If this represents a hardship, please contact Carrie Kruse (our treasurer) or another board member. A donation of $100 or more waives dues and can be claimed as a tax-deductible contribution. Dues are due by the fourth rehearsal. The money is used to purchase and ship music, to support honoraria for the accompanist, artistic director and other musicians, and other operational costs. Please give your dues to Carrie, or to any board member. Catherine Pippitt can take your dues via the Square reader, but cash & check are preferred.

Sunday Potluck
Our Sunday, July 30 evening “rehearsal” includes a potluck and socializing, along with a bit of singing. It starts at 6:15 and will be held at the Burrows Park shelter, 25 Burrows Rd, Madison.

Annual IVE "Flotilla"
We have a fun outing planned for July 26, (Tuesday August 1 is our backup date or the date for a Devil's Lake trip as well). Please hold the date or dates. Friends and family welcome. Encouraged, even! It will likely be the best summer day you'll have all year.

Post Concert Reception at the Pyle Center
We have a post-concert party for musicians and their immediate partners (not the general public) immediately following our Sunday afternoon performance at the Pyle Center, next to the Red Gym. We will be asking for a head count ahead of time so that we can provide the right amount of hors d'oeuvres, and so the Center can order enough libations for the cash bar. If you plan to bring your kids, please let us know that too. Mark your calendars and plan to join us.

Board Contacts
Contact any (or all) of us with questions or comments.
Susannah Brooks (secretary)
Ena Foshay
Jeffrey Harkins (vice president)
Carrie Kruse (treasurer)
Scott MacPherson (Artistic Director)
Mihcal McClelland
Kathy Otterson
Catherine (Cat) Pippitt
Jim (Jim) Pippitt (president)